About us

Eva Vera is formed by Ana Vera and Eva Zamarbide, mother and daughter respectively, both born in Pamplona. We have always been in contact with sewing and tailoring, it must run in the family, but in mid-2016 by chance or things of fate, a piece of leather fell into our hands. From that day on, a world opened up to us and we saw all the possibilities that this could offer us.

We are totally self-taught in the leather goods, we are guided by our intuition and by the previous knowledge we had in textile manufacturing. The designs are exclusive and we always work with top quality materials. Our hope is that you can enjoy our bags for many years and that is why each piece we make is an exclusive design, simple, timeless but with a lot of style.

If you have any comments or suggestions, we will be happy to hear from you. We will always be open to new ideas that can help us improve as much as possible and offer you the best quality articles.